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  • Looks like the test harnesses are in agreement in that the results we get from the Bangle harness are the exactly the same counts as your harness.

    Brilliant to see these comparisons.

    Looks like it has better accuracy than the Oxford one, especially in absence of movement. Well >done!

    Thank you. Its good to see the confirmation of the approach and also the approach to testing.

    $ ./banglejs-algos-tester |grep -v dummy|grep uncontrolled
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 0_HughB-drive-29min-0.csv, 469, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 0_HughB-drive-29min-0.csv, 192, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 0_HughB-drive-36min-0.csv, 512, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 0_HughB-drive-36min-0.csv, 160, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 0_HughB-drive-a3-b136.csv, 321, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 0_HughB-drive-a3-b136.csv, 124, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 0_HughB-static.csv, 0, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 0_HughB-static.csv, 0, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 0_HughB-work-0.csv, 259, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 0_HughB-work-0.csv, 20, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 0_HughB-work-66.csv, 414, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 0_HughB-work-66.csv, 97, 0
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 10134.csv, 14824, 10134
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 10134.csv, 10253, 10134
    steps-uncontrolled, oxford, 3058.csv, 3135, 3058
    steps-uncontrolled, espruino, 3058.csv, 3013, 3058

    The more data we have the better.

    Totally agree. I was attemoting to collect up to 4 10K+ step logs when I ran into a problem with the logger. I will get back to collecting logs again soon. Need some 1 hour logs for sleep, driving, working, sitting watching TV - all ZERO step logs.


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