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  • What's happened with the VC31 is I'd decompiled the original firmware, and had something working(ish) - but without register names it was basically impossible to work with.

    As with @fanoush I tried to contact Vcare multiple times but never got a reply .

    @fanoush managed to find a VC31 driver online somehow, and I took the register names there, what I'd learnt from the reverse engineering, and got something going. However I do wonder if the driver @fanoush found isn't also the result of decompiling too as there are some telltale signs in there...

    the reason why you do not want to use it is because it's not open sourced?

    I think legally I'm on slightly shaky ground pulling in a closed source blob and hosting it on Espruino's GitHub, but yes, also it doesn't look great and isn't maintainable. However I seem to recall that when I decompiled the code in question it didn't actually look that complex, so I may at some point go through it properly, try and get a full idea of what it's doing and then re-implement it.

    Worth noting that the original watch claims to do blood pressure too, so potentially the algorithm could do that (although I'm dubious!).

    Hi, I was wondering for Bangle.js V2 if the double buffered mode is full screen?

    Yes. The screen is actually double-buffered by default now, so there is no specific screen mode :)


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