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  • I will have a look at how easy it is to attach the current step counting algorithm into your framework.

    Note its already in the current firmware at:­b/master/libs/misc/stepcount.c

    I'm concerned that the test harness does not have enough non-stepping data and long enough logs.

    We must have good tests cases for when not walking - otherwise we are just prone to the same mistakes and errors as before. We can easily be fooled in thinking a code tweak has improved things when it fact it has not. A bad selection of test data will waste our time. Any step counter must be measured against stepping and non-stepping scenarios in equal measures.

    The Accelerometer logs below are all ZERO steps and should be part of the controlled test data in my view. I was not walking when they were logged, I was sitting or driving or typing at a Desk. These and similar logs must form at least 50% of the test data in any test harness.


    It would be useful to keep the same file names so that provenance of the logs can be tracked. Or we should keep a proper register of every log detailed where it came from and and any other measurements that were done against it at the time.

    I am also concerned that the current 0 step samples (0.csv 1.csv, 2,csv) are only 30 seconds long. This is not long enough to flush out problems. For example the drive-a3-b136 log was a 15 minute log and the AmizFit Bip registered 3 steps where as the Bangle registered 136. I suspect it would be possible to select many different 30 second segments from that log and have a target step counter register 0 steps - thus fooling ourselves.

    I'm glad you have included HughB-walk-a10021-b10248.csv as 10134.csv as its a really good log. It was recorded recently. I wore both watches on my left wrist whilst walking across the yorkshire dales :)


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