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  • I feel like it's actually working pretty well now

    Its pretty good, but not perfect. I'd like to get the housework log down a bit.

    When I have a day at home sat at a desk I expect to see about 600-800 steps for the day, and often see 1500-2000. But where as before it was really obvious where the inaccuracies were I think it might be a while before users start raising issues. Once the new daily logging is in place then I thnk it will be more obvious for people to spot the over counting.

    filtering on X/Y/Z separately and then getting magnitude would help with false steps.

    We'd have to do the experiments. Maybe an experiment for the future using the javascript version.
    I think looking at plots of the x,y,z when of the driving accelerometer logs would be intereseting to do.


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