• @Gordon - I tried the debig trick where you replace GB() with a function that writes to a log variable.

    I then disconnected from the IDE and connected to GadgetBridge and called my mobile.
    No notification.
    Then disconnected from GadgetBridge and connected through the IDE.
    I can see that log go written to.
    But there was no notification on the Bangle 2.

      "{\"t\":\"call\",\"cmd\"" ... "r\":\"0191xxxxxxx\"}",
      "{\"t\":\"call\",\"cmd\"" ... "r\":\"0191xxxxxxx\"}"

    I then reset my B2 with a long button press so that the GB() function would be restored.
    I then tested the pop up again with:

    GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"­Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})

    This worked and produced a pop up.
    I then decided to switch clocks to WaveClock.
    And voila - it worked when I rang my mobile.

    So the question is - what does a clock have to do, to allow Gadgetbridge to work ?


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