• What happens if you connect with the IDE and paste this code in:

    GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"­Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})

    With 'Notifications Fullscreen' I get a fullscreen pop up when I type that in the IDE.
    Tried to g.dump() it but that would not work when the pop up is displayed.

    However when I disconnect from the IDE and connect through Gadgetbridge - call my phone , nothing happens, when the phone stops ringing nothing happens. Same test works fine if I connect GadgetBridge to my Bangle 1. I get a pop up for a missed call. No notification that my phone is ringing (thats a different issue).

    When connected to the B2 I can see that Gadgetbridge is getting battery level notifications from the Bangle 2 as the battery icon says 61% which is what my Bangle 2 is displaying.

    I get this with 'Notifications (default)'

    >GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":­"Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})
    Uncaught Error: setLCDMode is unsupported on this device
     at line 1 col 378
    ...;Bangle.setLCDMode("direct");let x=0,y=320-size,h=size,b=y+h-1,...
    in function "show" called from line 1 col 173
    in function "GB" called from line 1 col 94
    ...,"body":"message contents"})

    You said that B2 only works with fullscreen notifications right now - so thats a known issue.

    Any tests I can initiate from the phone other than phoning it ?


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