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  • it is not that much or only about the data you get but about the algorithm you use to analyze that data, check the never ending step counting thread which has some promising results. so maybe the heart rate will be similar success in future

    Heart rate is actually very similar problem, you search for periodic beats (instead of steps in step counting) and try to filter out the noise. In the heart rate case the noise is also movement of the watch on your wrist/skin when checking for pulses.

    I think some proprietary libraries from HR sensor manufacturers try to correlate HR data with data from accelerometer to compensate the movement or at least ignore data temporarily when the movement is likely to affect the data a lot.

    Still the new sensor has something to tune and configure via i2c unlike the old that just provided analog value without any way to configure it.

    would it be feasible to receive info from a BLE chest band?

    definitely yes


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