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    'I've never seen anyone draw their circuit in the comments before and I love it so much'

    @bertjerred feel free to peruse the plethora of posts that @allObjects has done over the years. His expertise in complete embedded ASCII circuit documentation is legendary here within the Espruino forum. I too love it when his skill with a new presentation piques a forgotten hidden corner of the cob web infested aging mind. Always something to garner from that insight.

    I also am old school and keeping documentation within the code file ensures that it won't get lost or more so not forgotten during a future code update or modification. When I stumble across some of those special treats, I'll send or post here.

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    post #28   Thank you :)   Keeping it short so you can: 'go try to build build build . . . '

    Hope you had an enjoyable time over the week end bit twiddling!! ;-)


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