• Sat 2021.09.25 - 11:18am CST

    'Isn't arm-none-eabi-gcc: Command not found message in plain English?'

    Okay, I'll take the bullet for that one, but which part of the environment is complaining?
    The command for: WSL the terminal window, Make, GCC, Python or the Make script itself?

    While I'll freely admit I have only around <2hrs of practical poking my nose around two years ago after getting VSCode to actually do something useful and haven't made a build attempt since, it's likely you have >2000+ hrs combined over the years.

    How is one to deduce that a file is to be created when the error states a 'Command not found' prompt? The error suggests an issue with the 'recipe' file.

    Still too cryptic from a casual observer view.


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