• If you are on Windows 10 then I'd suggest to do it in WSL - Windows subsystem for Winux with some Ubuntu inside. I have Ubuntu 18.04 in WSL1 and Ubuntu 20.04 in WSL2 and both builds Espruino, WSL1 with older Ubuntu is probably easier to setup.

    see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WSL

    If you already have WSL (previously called Bash on Windows) (because of /mnt/c/Users/robin/Espruino?) then I don't understand why you try to install gcc toolchain on windows side. Maybe even running Espruino provision script would get it for you?

    Or are you using mingw? Then I'd recommend installing WSL instead , version 1 should be enough. Mingw is good for building linux/posix stuff as windows native binaries, you don't need that with Espruino and WSL gives you better compatibility.

    As for VSCode on windows side - there is WSL remoting plugin for VSCode so you can have Espruino inside WSL linux distro and VSCode can connect to it for editing and working with GIT. The ubuntu wiki page mentions it too.

  • Sat 2021.09.25 - 09:18am CST

    Thank you for responding @fanoush

    re: 'then I don't understand why you try to install gcc toolchain on windows side'

    As pointed out above, two years ago with the assistance of @AkosLukacs thread, I was able to get VSCode running with a WSL terminal Window. I was successful in building the PICO build then. Total cumulative experience, <2 hrs.

    I have no clue why a perfectly working setup would all of a sudden stop working. other than installs corrupting as I surmise

    It appears, post #5 and #6 that my install of nRFConnect did something mysterious as when I first loaded VSCode and tried examples that I couldn't get past the very first instruction setting the env var. I started this thread.

    I installed gcc as a user on StackExchange indicated doing that task solved his issue. I knew it was a long shot, so I tried it lacking any near immediate response within this thread, and trying to get a head start on solving the configuration issue before the weekend started so that I could perform some flashing this weekend. Maybe in my haste, I've added another headache???? We'll see.

    I've just gone over all the Win10 environment vars, and am satisfied, so a reboot is in order. Just making a few notes and backups before I reboot and get ready for what doesn't happen after Ctrl+Alt+Del.

    Will be off line for fifteen minutes inspecting what may not recover ;-)


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