• Sat 2021.09.25 07:41am CST

    Well, this really Bites!

    BEWARE and take note - others on Windows10

    As I set a restore point before I performed the nRFConnect upgrade three weeks ago, I went to restore to that point just before that upgrade in order to determine if VSCode would run as it did before the nRFConnect upgrade.

    Sadly, this new version of Windows10 ver 20H2 performs a system Automatic Restore Point AND removes all the previous restore points prior. S#!t

    Until around 18 months ago it was possible to restore all the way back to when Windows was first installed. A limit was put in place shortly after that kept the number of restore points to around the last five. Now I am unable to even go back before the last three days, and I performed my own restore point creation three weeks ago. This does indeed BITE!


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