• Wow, thank you. So many things here for me to digest. As always, please forgive my lack of experience, but 1) these are functions within a function... each assigned to 1-bit changes? Is that right? and 2) Espruino (and JavaScript) interpret 'on the fly,' so to speak?

    And 3) if I was using, say, a polling version for MPR121 key strokes successfully (e.g., I can play a C# for as long as I hold down the appropriate key), and I wanted to use an ADC (potentiometer) to alter PWM in realtime while the note is playing continuously, could I?

    I'm not sure I fully understand the order in which the code gets interpreted by the Espruino, and therefore where to embed my "mod wheel" potentiometer loop. Or maybe I just get confused by loops within loops...

    In any case, I sure do appreciate all of this, @allObjects!


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