• Fri 2021.09.24

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    'prefix is +32, 1.10=D42'

    Thank you @fanoush as I know you got what I was after.

    I feel like a real Dolt as your simple reponse makes it all clear now, as going back over the Nordic images and using MaBe's JS snippet, I understand where the thinking was incorrect.

    I now realize that I kept looking at the Dongle pin references and as they were all below 20, I somehow convinced myself that we were working with base 10. Just couldn't grasp what I perceived was needed an offset and increment, which just wouldn't work.

    As Spock in Star Trek would respond to an inbound tranmission;

       'Captain, . . . a simple binary code! . . .'

    How I missed the obvious really surprises me, as your example clears it all up. Thank you.


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