• first I though you struggle with pin names, because the dongle is using PN.M

    • next that the used firmware is missing the additional pins

    • than fanoush mentioned that D23 is a bad choice

    • than posted a full circuit to figure out two pins that are not used, eg P1.03 and P1.05

    P1.03 : D35, P1.05 : D37

    replace the old pin values with those two, like this


    make and flash the new firmware and try again.

  • Fri 2021.09.24

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    'make and flash the new firmware and try again'

    Hi @MaBe thank you for that instruction.

    I'm not sure it has been understood, but I made my attempts using the pre-built solutions from post #123 'Nordic "nRF52840 Dongle" Support' thread that I referenced in post #1 and post #4

    Although a bit pre-mature, your steps and instruction command will come in handy when I get to the build.


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