• Ok, that one is interesting. You may be able to get around it just by uninstalling the acorn module? It's not like you need the compiled code anyway.

    I honestly thought Espruino Tools used the very same chain of tools as Web IDE does

    Well, it uses the majority of the same stuff. However, as I remember (I could be wrong here) some developers came along and were saying "Why are you using built-in modules when there are ones on NPM that'll be better maintained?" so I ended up having this special case for those modules when running the CLI tool.

    As it happens, in this case the esmangle development has been really flaky and they haven't published to NPM properly, which is how we got in this mess. I went to significant lengths to get a properly working version for EspruinoTools which could be included, so it makes sense to stick with that I guess.


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