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  • just wondering why the change to the g.flip() function was made?

    It was a longstanding issue that when using the doublebuffered graphics mode you had to use g.flip() to put the data on the screen. That meant that if you had for example a double-buffered clock face that updated once a second, or a game, it would force the LCD to stay on all the time and would never let it time out.

    It's better to be able to split the two up, so you can keep updating the screen and then respond to the lcdPower event in order to stop what you were doing when the LCD turns off.

    Now what can I do to keep the screen on?

    You can just use Bangle.setLCDPower(1) to 'poke' the LCD or can call Bangle.setLCDTimeout(0) which will just stop the LCD from turning off until you change to the next app.

    If you spot any apps that turn off now when they should stay on, please let me know and I'll update them.


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