• @NebbishHacker, Ic, thank you. I faced a similar issue with my http://www.espruino.com/ui supporting touch screen and soft keyboard (for screenshots see: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­292990/) when defining a layout. For the framework code I could have only limited modules 'inline'. Placing the layout in a function instead of in immediate execution helped in my case, since the definitions were simpler than your module inline code. (The ui does though a bit more than rendering... and, of course, it was a larger display with much more items on it and the layout is position and size-wise custom/hard coded to the device).

    I like the lazy part very much!

    Modified line # 227 to

      let hours = (d.getSeconds() % 2) ? 12 : 6; // ((d.getHours() + 11) % 12) + 1;

    to showcase nicely the gracious handling of different long - too long - line(s)... see attached screen shots ;)

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