• Hello guys,

    I use this ESP32 board from Olimex: https://www.olimex.com/Products/IoT/ESP3­2/ESP32-EVB/open-source-hardware
    I uploaded the firmware. WiFI connect at start-up works (done with minicom).
    Although minicom is working without any issue on Ubuntu aand Windows, the WebIDE does not work on any of the OSs.

    WeIDE: on Ubuntu I can find the board on port ttyUSB0. I hit connect. I get the following message: "Connection Failed. "

    WebIDE: On Windows 10: I find the device on COM 3. I connect the device. Two messages appear, one after the other:

    1. "Unable to retreive bopard information. Connection Error?"
    2. "Connected to Web Serial, webserial:1202:6c9f (No response from board)"

    Any solution you know for this?
    As the board connects to the WiFi, can't the WebIDE connect to the board over the WiFi? - I tried and I cannot connect to the ESP WiFI network.

    Thank you in advance.


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