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  • Wed 2021.09.08

    'but it only compiles for the esp32 and not the esp32-s2'

    It dawned on me that the request for esp32-S2 as it doesn't compile error free, might have been mis-understood. The Espruino Brand and concept are supported by the community to allow for on-going development. Sale of boards along with Patreon contributions.

    While I do understand the desire to obtain a much lower cost alternative, that acquisition does come with some caveats, along with a big investment in time. That's the trade off.

    The ESP32 is a popular choice but please understand that board falls into the 'Other' board category.

    Please read over the eight bulleted list items for the originators position for this category:
    'Note: Third party boards are designed, sold and supported by companies who help to support Espruino's continued development.'

    Read more from the originators official position:­301589/

    It may be that a few sympathetic readers will assist, but I do know from reading over the forums that the few that might quickly respond are busy resolving their own issues. Still, give it a shot, as now that I've gotten over the hump, I see possibilities that I hadn't imagined initially, and also if not for the learning experience.

    You might consider this option to get some preferential support:


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