• Tue 2021.09.07

    I'm not understanding how an image of the hardware is going to answer my initial request for the ASCII value that is to be entered into a Javascript statement.

    require("neopixel").write(pin, [0,0,63, 55,77,0, 55,0,77]);

    What should the value of 'pin' be for the ESP8266?

    The hardware is sound as I've used an Arduino flashed ESP8266. Will double/triple check yet again later this week. I've also posted several examples in the forums with working Espruino Javascript on Pico, WiFi and Pixl.

    For the ESP8266, the data wire is connected to silkscreened text 'D2' which is four pins over from the 5V input pin.

    We know from the data sheets that D2 is GPIO4 and shares SDA of the I2C bus. I've removed the module that worked using I2C, so I can confirm that D2 is SDA on this board.

    We also know that Espruino has a naming convention of an alpha char followed by a numeral. But that doesn't work for ESP32 or ESP8266.

    So to fill in the pin value for Neopixels, should it be:

    a) NodeMCU.D2
    b) D2
    c) 4             // GPIO4 which is D2
    d) D4
    e) other pin as SDA on the I2C bus may not be used as a general GPIO pin

          or, restating the request . . .

    Does someone have a working ESP8266 example that can share the pin value used in code and the printed pin silkscreen designator please.


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