• It is all about how the vendor manufactured the board, some use 4 wires (qio) and some 2 wires (dio) to communicate with the flash.

  • Tue 2021.09.07

    Thank you @MaBe for the prompt reply and above link.

    re: 'some use 4 wires (qio) and some 2 wires (dio)'

    In post #1 I pointed out a successful flash years ago using "1v89"

    In addition pointed out that 2V00 just went flawlessly also.

    In esptool.py I am using attribute --flash_mode qio with the same format in both those cases.

    Under the assumption pointed out above, I find it a bit of a stretch to now change flash modes when all that has changed on the Espruino firmware download servers is the version.


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