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    Now this is where everything gets interesting. Running on Windows10.

    When I upload a previously working code block, modifying only the pin designation, the WebIDE console side locks up, with the inability to enter any content on the L-Hand console side. After many reduction attempts, I narrowed it down to the pin designator of the Neopixel require statement:

    const pinneo = NodeMCU.D3;  // GPIO0
    require("neopixel").write(pinneo, [0,0,63, 55,77,0, 55,0,77]);

    I also pointed this out in a separate companion post:

    Sanity Check for Neopixel pin Require statement

    It is quite possible that between 2V00 circa mid 2019 and 2V10 current mid 2021 that this issue was noticed and fixed.
    I chose not to spend the time to attempt to find a more current working flash version.


    According to this reference:


    D0 and D2 are available as general GPIO
    D0	IO	GPIO16
    D3	IO, 10k Pull-up	GPIO0
    D4	IO, 10k Pull-up, BUILTIN_LED	GPIO2

    and according to this reference:


    GPIO16 may be used for deep sleep.

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