• Thanks Robin ....
    The nordic doc has the cct and pin under ( see GPS antenna section )

    I found the fix from examining the source in ..

    The pin is defined but the code never turns the power on ?? ...
    the comment says
    line 118 // FIXME: GPS_EN pin?

    GPS_EN is mapped to D39 in PINS earlier ...

    So I used this in my code ..
    //turn GPS antenna power on.

    sets the GPS antenna power on.

    Checked it ( carefully ... ) with the voltmeter .... 3.6 volts with D39 set to 1 and zero volts when D39 set to 0.
    So I my RAK 5010 is now kinda working for GPS ... I am using the setGPSOn from espruino site example code .. but the parsing is broken maybe because debug is now telling me Im getting position info from the GPS but I am getting broken output. ( which I wasnt before with the antenna power turned off ;-) ) ... I was not getting any output LOL.



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