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  • As I explained in post #53 as soon as I click the 'Emulator' button, and as the Emulator pop-up opens, it's canvas is immediately populated with viewable content.

    You mean with viewable content coming from your code right? Not the default Bangle.js boot content?
    Indeed I am surprised of this... I thought the process was to connect first (to see the default Bangle.js boot content) and to save the code from the right hand side panel in a second step to see how it performs in the Emulator. According to what you say, I must be wrong. I thought such behaviour would occur only in presence of &upload&emulator at the end of the url...

    What I remember for sure is that I was able to experiment typing some operations in the WebIDE's REPL directly (left hand side panel) once connected to the emulator, which currently I can't.

  • I just tried your suggestion from post #52

    When I click on the 'Try in Emulator' button, I'll agree that the Emulator Pop-up Window doesn't immediately show. I have to dismiss the 'connecting' modal dialog, then refresh the entire page as @Gordon had previously pointed out. At that point the Emulator Window becomes visible with the clock clearly visible. I never need the upload button.

    I then block copied the content from post #53 into the R-Hand editor and clicked the 'Upload' button. The animations then immediately execute in the Emulator.


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