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  • Fri 2021.08.27

    Hi @LethalLeafs Not a good way to start off the weekend as I'm sure you had set aside some fun time to play. Rats!

    While I may not have all the answers, there are a few things we may try to get enough info to resolve this quickly.

    Q1: Which Bangle hardware ver are we dealing with?

    Bangle.js 2 only has a single button, while the original standard Bangle has 3 buttons

    Q2: Does the console output of the Web IDE show anything of importance, is there BLE comm?

    Upper right

    Settings >> Console

    Posting the content after the Initiaization Lines might be of some assistance

  • Thank you for responding! I am working with the first Bangle. I am actually not around my computer today (I will be tomorrow and can update you on details necessary then) but for now, I know that I was still able to connect to the Web IDE through BLE despite the watch not displaying anything


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