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  • Thanks, the RTL8720DN looks really interesting.


    From the docs @fanoush linked above I think that while you'd hope it would work, the command names do seem to be different. However having said that, modifying ESP8266WiFi_0v25 to make it work would not be an amazingly difficult job

  • Thanks, the RTL8720DN looks really interesting.

    there is also Feasycom module based on same chip­DN-Chip-BLE-5-Wi-Fi-Combo-Module.html
    that comes with AT command based firmware

    On the bottom page there are two PDF links, one having list of AT commands, however they are different from those in ambd sdk, not sure why they did that, maybe to be compatible with something else(?), however it looks different from esp8266 AT commands too

    Anyway they sell it for $6 and looks like there are more GPIOs available on this one. And maybe support from them will be better than random aliexpress shop.

    The Cortex M4F + Cortex M0 + relatively big SRAM looks nice, could even run Espruino natively.


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