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  • Hi @Ronin,

    Sorry you're having issues. Please could you try upgrading your Bangle to firmware version 2v10?

    Version 2v09 did have an issue where if you completely filled up your Bangle's storage, and then restarted, it would think that storage was corrupted and would erase it. So I guess if you did manage to completely fill up the 4MB then that could be what you're seeing?

    However, if you're still having issues, would it be ok for you to post your code up with some instructions to reproduce? If you can reliably get storage corrupted I'd love to be able to do it here so I can get the issue fixed.

    Also, not sure what everyone thinks, but how do you feel about Storage Corrupt, erasing...? Obviously it's really annoying when it happens, and it's possible that if storage wasn't erased, some data could be recovered. However, it shouldn't really happen at all - and if storage did get corrupt, it's better to know about it than for the Bangle to just keep crashing and maybe get into a reboot loop.


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