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  • @ChristianW / @Gordon, should the swamping still happen, I suggest 'to turn the world upside down' with the use of an additional 'trigger' / 'solicitor' BLE Advertiser device and make the clients observe rssi and respond with limited advertising.

    The 'trigger' / 'solicitor' BLE Advertiser device works like a constant, continuous beacon and is placed at the same location as the lap counter BLE device. Passing by BLE devices scan and when they notice continuous drop of rssi they advertise for the lap counter as they do now, but only for a limited time. / count (or ack received - assuming (quasi-)simultaneous advertising and scanning is possible).

  • @allObjects thanks about the idea with the Advertiser.
    However communicating back to the Pucks would mean the Pucks would have to scan as well.
    I was worried about battery consumption here, so that's why I wanted to keep it simple on the transponder side.


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