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  • You're right, it never died, just zombied. I was able to reload your fw several times, and I even tried jeffmer's DK08, but both must load .boot0 (even with button down), but i was always able to let it run down and get back to DFU, so great failsafe there. And the F07's are running well.. my original with the weak screen turns out to be the perfect bedside clock (flashes the time for 2 seconds every 15 seconds, so the battery lasts for days) and the other is a good regular-dress accessory (I've actually turned down the brightness on this one... if I long press it goes to 100% for 10 seconds for outside reading). But I think the DK08 will be my daily now, I am really getting into the always-on concept; just in time for Bangle2!

    I will continue to dig into the nrf52 series and learn what I can. I'd like to help out the espruino project eventually. I have an Adafruit Clue which I want to use as my test platform for building/tweaking espruino (have to get in and solder those SWD pads), and a C16 52840 watch that atc1441 has cautioned me is not easy to open, but I have to break a few eggs to learn.


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