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  • @fanoush I'm very surprised, but it's still bricked! It did power down in 2 days; I plugged it in, got the buzz, held the button > 3 secs and looked for a connection on the IDE. Nothing; reset BT, reloaded IDE; nothing. OK, so I let it power down again overnight. This AM, plugged it in, buzz, press button, buzz, LET GO.. and sure enough it went to DFU; reflashed espruino_2v08.5_DK08_SDK12 via nrfConnect, went to 100%, then disappeared (still plugged in to power). nrfConnect, DaFlasher can't see it at all, and of course the IDE can't see it. Perhaps I overwrote something very important in UICR? or the SDK itself? It seems to load the FW fine, so some of the soft device is working... don't know why it just disappears!! Did I miss a step somewhere? I'm stuck in SDK12, so I can't flash any other FW...


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