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  • Before I even took a moment to thank you, I bought one! A bit pricey indeed, but you guys deserve it; a lot of work put into making this idiot (i.e., me) proof; yes more to come, and being an idiot, I'll be glad to share how I've managed to break it with you.

    BTW: yes, I'm desperate (just bricked a DK08*), but i think another good reason to buy this at this price is to support you. You're doing great work for a community and making IoT an easier step for those starting out.

    • lesson for all: never write "eval(require('Storage').read('myfile.jsĀ­'));' then save it to Storage as 'myfile.js'.... meant to save to RAM...

  • BTW: yes, I'm desperate (just bricked a DK08*)

    let the battery die, after you put in on charger it will vibrate, right after that touch the button, it will vibrate again, if you release it, it will stay in dfu mode, if you still hold it for 3 seconds it will continue to espruino and skip loading any code on startup, well, hopefully, didn't test this too much. And don't charge it too much so you can retry soon :-)


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