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  • Thanks! If you turn on logging in the IDE (settings -> general -> terminal log icon, then click the new icon) then paste the following code:

    (function() {
      var addr = 0x60000000;
      var len = 1024*1024*4;
      var f = require("Flash");
      function log() {
        var l = 32, d =,addr).slice();
        if (!d.every(x=>x==255)) print(
>x.toString(16).padStart(2,0)).j­oin(" ")
        addr += l;
        len -= l;
        if (len>0) setTimeout(log, 2);
        else print("Finished!");

    it'll dump out the full contents of flash memory (it'll take a while!) and I could then copy that data onto my device and try and figure out what went wrong. Although it's not guaranteed I'll be able to find the issue from that - finding a way to reproduce it reliably and quickly is much more likely to lead to a fix


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