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  • Great! I'll post up everywhere I can when it all goes live.

    However if you stick your email address here I'll send out a quick note when it all goes live!­LSccmslHw13z4IKS6RKrOiYuBT5lL6jMfMZuIwQB­_6uLR-_t9A/viewform?usp=sf_link

    For me, the big difference is the screen and the size. The new one is a lot easier to wear, and just being able to glance at it for the time is a huge bonus, as well as there being absolutely no issues even in the brightest sunlight.

    As @fanoush says the screen is far less vibrant indoors and when the backlight is on the colours are a bit washed out, but it feels worth it. The lack of pixels/bits to push makes it feel a lot snappier and IMO is a lot more suited to the nRF52 processor.

    Having a full touchscreen opens up loads of possibilities for apps, the Bluetooth signal strength is much better, there's a proper air pressure/temperature sensor, and going forward I should be able to enable some long range Bluetooth functionality.

    I had a list of niggles that me (and others) had with the old Bangle.js hardware and I feel like this one solves pretty much all of those.


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