• Wow, that's not great. Is the MDBT42Q getting turned on and off a lot? Is it possible that it got turned off while it was writing to flash? If that happened at just the right point while it was compacting then it could cause the issue.

    What happens is repeated writes slowly fill up flash, and at some point the flash has to be 'compacted' to remove the old files. If that fails then the data could be lost, but that code should be extremely well tested now.

    Historically there have been issues but assuming you're on 2v09, that should be good. There was an issue in 2v09 (fixed in cutting edge) which meant that functions stored in Flash got relocated wrong in some cases, but that wouldn't erase flash - it'd just mess things up until a power cycle.

    Is that function log(f){ exactly the same function you're using? If there were a compaction problem It's possible that just running it thousands of times would reproduce it.

    If you can get it reproduced I'm very happy to look into this and see if I can get a fix in


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