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  • Thanks! That sounds great!

    Are you able to implement it? It seems like you've got two options...

    • Add a plugin (­DE/blob/master/js/plugins/_examplePlugin­.js) that displays a new 'watch file' button. Once the file is selected you update the editor contents (Espruino.Core.Code.set...) and callEspruino.Core.Code.getEspruinoCode(Espru­ino.Core.CodeWriter.writeToEspruino);` to write the data.
    • Actually modify the existing 'open' button to use the new API. It could have a drop-down like the upload button does at the moment to choose whether to watch the file for changes or not.

    The benefit of the 'open' modification is we could actually get save working nicely too (without a popup each time) which would be a really nice addition


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