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  • @HughB First of all thanks for the replies and definitely for writing the kitchen combo as it has been the first time I've really felt I was getting the full functionality out of the watch!

    In terms of the apps that have given me trouble, I used to use multi-clock, but periodically I would end up with no watch face and I was never able to figure out why. Historically I have only used watch faces and gadgetbridge as my applications.
    I have had good luck with kitchen combo, but something happened over the past two weeks where the watch would hang and wouldn't boot completely. It would get to the bangle logo screen and the only output would be a prompt which said "bluetooth>" at the bottom when it was connected, but I ultimately had to reset it. Kitchen Combo has been working pretty well overall, but it does occasionally give me memory errors. This on 2.09, but I only see 0.11 of Kitchen Combo available at is there some other channel?

    This is the type of behavior which always has me reset as I can't figure out where the problem is. My thinking was that we all have the same watch so it must be some combination of the apps I'm running. I will have to try the ide method @Gordon described above in the future.

    So is correct that you would need a monolithic app like Kitchen Combo to get all the functionality at once in a watch face? This is something that has confused me since there are apps which say they run in the background (GPS Recorder) I was unclear when you have clock faces which read other items like Vertical watch face (steps/heart rate) and Mario Clock(temperature?!?!) rely on some basic apps being installed to function correctly. Kitchen Combo does say it need a pedometer (pedominter?) widget installed, so I'm assuming the widget provides some functionality.

    Thanks for offering to help with this and I do think it will improve the ecosystem and have more active users. I would be more willing to try new apps if I thought it wouldn't mess up my watch.


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