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  • Hi! There is no Wiki yet but I'm very happy to set one up. This is the first time anyone asked, but it makes a lot of sense. I guess the question is: If I set one up, is anyone here willing to contribute?

    Right now it's really pretty easy for anyone to submit changes to the documentation (there's a link down the bottom of each page on the Espruino website which links to GitHub where you can suggest edits - for example­/blob/master/info/Troubleshooting%20Bang­ - it's just that it's actually pretty rare that anyone does.

    A page of suggested apps/setups for the Bangle sounds like a good plan. Anyone willing to provide some?

    Just to quickly answer some of your questions though:

    Does loading more apps on the watch affect the memory errors in running apps?

    No - apps are separate. However installing more widgets does affect memory usage.

    Installing lots of apps can make the Bangle run a little slower though as it can slow down file reads.

    Which apps are always running opposite those which load when you start them?

    It's pretty much any app that's got 'widget' in the name that always uses memory. I'm struggling to think of any apps that run all the time.

    If my watch crashes on startup is there anything I can besides resetting it?

    The best bet is to start the IDE at, connect to your Bangle, and then force a restart by long-pressing Button 3. Hopefully it should write an error message in the IDE, and at that point maybe just copy/paste it into a forum post here and I'll try and figure out what's wrong.

    I really want to ensure that Bangle.js is stable for everyone, so if there's a repeatable way of getting it to crash (eg. 'Clear memory, install X,Y,Z') then I'll usually try and get it fixed pretty quick.


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