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  • Is there a wiki or similar which would help us who don't follow the code figure out our watches?

    This is a good start.­+Bangle.js

    The docs are mainly aimed at people who want to develop Apps. Ideally every App should have its own README file which you can access through the App Loader but not every developer does this. There are some good Apps that dont have README files that really need them.

    I've gone through numerous starts of using my watch but inevitably the config becomes >>unstable/unpredictable

    Start with the basic minimal set of Apps. If your watch is not stable at that point them reach out for help in this forum. Then install the Apps that you want to use one by one and check that your watch continues to work.

    Which Apps are you consistantly getting trouble with ?

    Does loading more apps on the watch affect the memory errors in running apps?

    First you need to understand how the watch works.
    The code for the apps is stored in Flash storage.
    When an App is loaded through the Loader it is loaded into the memory which I think (after the firmware has loaded) is about 40K of RAM which is not a great deal but enough for quite complex apps -like multiclock or Kitchen Combo. In general only 1 App runs at a time unless you have widgets running as well. When you go back to the App Launcher you are effectively just running an App that allows you to select an App to run next. At that point the App loader is no longer running. Most Apps will ue BTN2 to return you to the App Launcher.

    Can I remove apps to help avoid memory errors?

    You can remove Apps through the App Loader, using the App Manager or you can simply delete the files that form the App through the IDE which gives access to the Flash storage file system. The safest way to remove an App is through the App Loader. If you are not sure what you are doing deleting files through the IDE could leave you stuck.

    Which apps are always running opposite those which load when you start them?

    When you get your basic watch only 1 App will be running at a time.
    If you install widgets then these run at the same time as the one App that you have currently running.

    What base apps are needed for various functionality (e.g. its still unclear to me what role
    gps/pedometer widgets/apps play in watch face functionality)?

    So gps and pedometer is a little confusing. There are a lot of GPS apps that only do one basic thing, like get the time, display your lat/lon etc. The GPS recorder app uses a widget in the background to do the logger and the GPS recorder App allows you change the settings and turn the GPS recorder on or off.

    Pedometer is confusing as well as the Bangle firmware does not count steps; it gives an App that is listening an event to say 'I detected a step'. As far as I can tell originally someone wrote the pedometer widget to count the step events. However the step counter in the firmware is not very accurate so someone else produced ActivePedometer which was an attempt to get further accuracy. You should only use either the Pedomintor Widget OR the ActivePedometer widget - both will give you different step count depending on the settings you configure in the ActivePedometer App.

    What is quiet mode?

    As I understand it is is an attempt to be able to mute Apps from buzzing at inconvenient times. There is a way of setting a quiet period. I personally dont like the way this works as every app has to be modified to obey it but thats the way its been done.

    If my watch crashes on startup is there anything I can besides resetting it?

    It depends exactly what you mean by crash and start up.

    If you are having start up problems my advice would be make sure you have the current firmware (2v09) then reset the watch to the default Apps. The establish that your watch is stable. If it is not stable then shout out to this forum and anyone that can help will respond. @Gordon is oncredibly supportive.

    I would really like to see something like the Kitchen Combo be the default face if that can be made stable.

    Just read your last line. I'm the creater of Kitchen Combo - glad you like it ?

    What problems are you having with it ? Are you using the latest version which is v0.12 which you can tell when you run the App Loader website. Have you read the README file for Kitchen Combo ?­lob/master/apps/kitchen/ I would value your feedback so I can improve it. There is a section on error codes and if you see any of those codes you should follow the instructions to fix. Let me know if the instructions are clear enough.

    Older versions of Kitchen Combo did have LOW MEMORY issues as I was trying to squeeze in too much functionality and wanted to use a screen buffer to make certain screens smoother. I recoded parts of the app so that it would use less memory and I sacrificed to a bit more flicker - but I wanted a reliable App. I run kitchen combo as my default clock App every day. It gets a lot of testing and use by me. So if you are having issues with it let me know what they are and I will try and help. Please note that I will be on holiday for a few days next week so I might not respond after Tuesday PM until the following week.

    Kitchen Combo is actually one App but there are different (semi seperate modules) to allow you to seemlessly switch from one mini-app to another. Eg I wanted to see my OS grid reference in one face and then switch to the waypointer App and point to a waypoint (eg where's the car). The heart rate app for Kicthen combo does not really work and I have not bothered much to make it work as there are other / better heart rate apps in the apps library.

    In time I plan to write a Settings App for Kitchen combo so you can select the Apps that you want to enable / disable. Just have not done it yet as I have been experimenting with seeing if I can work out how to get a more reliable step counter algorithm.


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