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  • I've just got my first MDBT42Q to try play with, after all customs and postage process which was an extra effort, during first time i wanted connect it I probably fried it.
    I know there is written warning to check polarity, I wanted to connect it via usb/ttl converter as my macbook doesn't support ble. I don't know how I did it, I checked wiring few times and finally connect it wrong.
    I know, my mistake, but from my point of view board for 20GBP should have protection against wrong polarity. I remember I made wrong connection with pico, but there is rectifying diode, I changed it and pico is still working.
    It's pity I can't play with ble again, MDBT42Q is fried, and Bangle.js I ordered can't connect with any of my 4 computers (they don't support ble, also few dongles USB I have). Unfortunatelly again I have to make step back and come back to arduino for another few projects, my next attempt to switch to espruino failed.


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