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  • Wondering if the layout render will be smart enough to avoid flicker with the direct screen writes. I often write bits of code to reduce flicker by checking that the text I am about to g.drawString() is not just the same as the previous one I wrote. I usually keep a prevText variable and check before doing the clearRect() and drawString(). Now I know you can use an ArrayBuffer but I found they had a performance impact and that they caused memory fragmentation and then OOM errors when switching between watch faces in a multiclock format.

    In terms of BTNs I think I might want to redesign my App to work with a single button. Probably use more swipes etc for some of the cycling through features I have done using BTN1 etc.

    Hoping that we will still be free to code the old way if needed and that the layout manager is not the only option. The layout manager will need to be aware of parts of the screen where an ArrayBuffer might be used or a dynamic image (eg a rotating arrow for a compass) constructed from g.fillPoly() etc.


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