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  • I think there should be seperate logs for GPS, steps, heart rate and the logging needs to be configurable and self managing, aggregating and automatically avoid storage overruns etc. It would be nice to just be able to view your heart rate graph for the last 7 days minute by minute. Then after 7 days it would be per hour for last 30 days, then just max, min, average per day after that. Something similar for steps maybe. GPS is a different kind of data from steps and heart rate. You can't aggregate GPS data in the same way you can aggregate step counts. Whilst steps and heart rate could log all the time. It has to be a decision to turn the GPS on (even in low power mode).

    I'd really like to see a polling based model for steps, heart rate and GPS. Something like Bangle.getHeartRate() Bangle.getSteps() Bange.getFix() should return a reliable value with no need to filter / clean up etc etc. This avoids having to register / unregister listenners and check the power state of those devices - it also makes it much easier to share the state of the GPS (powered off, waiting for first fix, tracking) across apps in a multi-clock format.

    But we really must have a really good step counter first. No point logging lots of inaccurate data.


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