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  • I like the idea of relative heights/widths (DroidScript does this for Android: 1.0 = full width/height, so use 0.5 for half etc) as it should adjust to other screen sizes automatically. Also if fonts were (somehow) density-agnostic (like device independent pixels) so if I load font_small it's 4x6 on lower resolutions and 6x8 on higher.

    I also like the layout manager approach: I'm guessing "v" is vertical here, so top -down is simple, then nesting an "h" inside the first "v" element gives you a grid, and you could have anchors like "ne", "n", "nw" to align to corners, top, bottom (in an abbreviated format)

    also it would be nice if the Layout automagically knew to redraw when it's content changed so you wouldn't have to .clear() .update() ... just .render(). That last one may call g.flip() as needed too?

    now mapping 12-bit colors down to 3-bit... ouch.

    May be a good idea for someone with LOTS of time on their hands to go through the bangle apps and try to lay them out using these rules, see how complex it gets, see where the majority tend to pattern.


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