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  • align

    Yes, absolutely.

    a way to specify which part of the screen to use

    Yes - initially I was planning on just making it check if widgets were loaded and size accordingly, but hopefully it'd be flexible enough that you could specify a width and a height to fit to.

    one part get all "remaining" space

    Thanks - yes, that'd be a great idea. Just got to figure out how to handle that!

    What happens if you re-render just one "6x8" text, but it now has a different length?

    I was thinking Layout.update runs over everything, and if the size/position of anything gets changed, it is marked as 'dirty'. Then you can maybe choose to just render the bits that have changed?

    How to handle buttons on a Bangle.js 1.0?

    I think we just use BTN1/BTN3 to move focus between them, and BTN2 to select - a bit like we do for showPrompt currently? It'd be one of the benefits of doing stuff this way as well.


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