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  • Sat 2021.06.19

    'I am trying to follow the puck.js power meter example'

    Although I found this Pixl reference:

    I never acquired the telepathic skill. Please provide your link so we may follow along.

    I found the specific answer for Puck by taking a peek at the presentation page:

    Below the Power Consumption heading are the measured current draw values.

    See the following section on how to calculate an estimated duration with a brand new battery.

    post #2   Battery life of Bangle J.s - in real world situations

    Also understand that advertising interval, transmit power output and sleep durations need to be taken into account, along with number of times polling the LDR sensor is performed.

    See: Puck tips - increasing battery life

    'Which one would be the best for battery life?'

    What additional parts make up the total support circuitry? A schematic would assist here.

    'Is the main power usage during the transmission?'

    See heading Power Consumption as current draw is displayed in common units.

    Full running JS with LED's, BLE, and Mag in that order consume the most, shortening battery life.


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