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  • I'm not using bangle.js yet (mostly because I'm stuck in a SEA country with unreliable shipping, though plan on getting one shortly -- maybe version 2? :P), but I feel this would be a real break through issue for Espruino. I often write code with display elements on say an OLED screen (128x64), but then after want to redeploy this code on a 160x128 or 240x240 or 320x240 screen -- you get the idea -- and it's a real pain.

    So I'm suggesting it deserves some thought as it's a real opportunity. I like Flexbox and something similar might not be a bad first step!

    I'm not sure what it would look like, but lines for example could be expressed in terms of percentage of screen (start at 10% and go to 80%), or text could be positioned at 1/3 of the screen or who knows. I guess this would break a little if aspect ratios changed. Some ST7735's are 128x128, vs 160x128. But even just that would make resolution independent display elements easier.

    Some ideas...