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  • Why sell a watch if you only change the firmware?

  • I do not agree with such a wording. To begin with, a lot of work was done on the choice of a suitable donor watch. Was conducted reverse engineering. As a result, I as a consumer got completely ready-to-work smart watch on Espruino + support and software updates for a specific watch model.

    Honestly, I personally have no time to do this. I think, like many other users. And this information (with the donor) was known from the very beginning.

  • Sat 2021.06.12

    re post #5: 'Why sell a watch if you only change the firmware?'

    I believe you answered this very question three months ago:

    Can I display a bitmap on top of another bitmap?
    so, I want it to draw a clock face

    Changing the firmware allows the user the ability to modify the original functionality to that of what one desires, as in your case the desire to create a unique new clock face.


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