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  • Hi,

    Is it possible (and how) MBR got erased when I upload the code from Web-IDE.

    Actually I have a nrf52 based fitness tracker. I have build Espruino (not the latest one, but somewhere around 2V.07.XXX). Since this version is the sable (for me and SDK11).

    When I upload the code for color OLED display driver in Inline C function, which is not mine but was originally developed for B5 and
    F07 trackers.
    What I did-

    1. I upload the code for B5
    2. Without resetting board (reset()) I upload F07 code. I have disabled reset before send in Web IDE for some reason

    When I reversed the code like Upload F07 and then B5, it did not brick the device.

    Jut after second upload, WEB IDE got disconnected and tracker is not searchable in BLE search (Web IDE and nrfConenct)

    After that I connected the tracker with SWD stlink and dump the flash bank 0. I noticed that MBR is filled with 0xFF from 0x0 to 0xfff.

    What I understood is the MBR is clear somehow and device is bricked. Is it really possible that MBR can be erased by any chance.

    I successfully bricked the device 2-3 times same way (and revived by mass erase) and every time it bricked.

    Is it old Espruino code I am using.
    It is the Inline C oled driver causing this?

    There was no firmware upgrade or flashing (other then Web-IDE upload to RAM) involved in entire process.



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