• Hi - it's worth noting that Java and JavaScript (what Espruino uses) are actually very different, despite the name - so be a bit careful!

    What device did you intend to use for the RX (Master Side)? Another MDBT42Q, or a phone/PC?

    Right now the standard builds of Espruino only handle a max 53 byte packet size (even though longer is supported by the spec), so worth bearing that in mind.

    Also, with Espruino you want to really handle data when an event happens, not in 'loop'. If you use 'loop' then you're just running the CPU constantly burning through your battery.

    The code required is simple enough it's worth just posting the whole thing rather than pseudocode. Something like this will probably work for the Espruino side:

    var analog_pin = D3; 
    NRF.setConnectionInterval(7.5); // force the highest speed mode
    var w = new Waveform(53,{doubleBuffer:true,bits:16})­;
    w.on("buffer", function(buf) {

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