• Sat 2021.05.22

    It has been a few years since I've used the Waveforms examples, link in post #2 and the Converting files to Strings, link in post #11 which went with success and many are currently using those examples also.

    My version of Audacity defaults to 8000Hz. Has that option been tried while changing the rates within the code snippet?

    Which examples do work and which fail from the Waveforms page?

    Are you using the code snippet beneath: 'You can output a Sound file' ?

    'but not when I convert my files by converter provided here'

    Although I don't have the hardware to test in this case, I'd be willing to at least go through the conversion process you are using to see if the converted outputs match.

    Which format is being selected in the DDL box on the File Converter page, and would you mind uploading a small source sample, along with the options being used to create the Audacity output, the raw Audacity converted file and the output from the File Converter.

    A screen shot of the Audacity Preferences modal dialog would speed my configuration.

    From a positive match between our steps, others may be able to quickly zoom into other possible areas to consider.


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