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  • Defining the property would loose documentation.
    And it would not be available in jswrapper.c, whatever this means at the end.
    AFAIK, calling jswrap_object_defineProperty expects a JS function for get/set, correct ?
    Let me give another example, getPixel and setPixel, myGraphics.pixel(x,y) = newColor and var pixelcol = myGraphics.pixel(x,y) , how can I do this ?
    At the end, there are lot of ways to do this, but to me it looks more elegant to set/get :-)

    Line 452 in jswrap_object.c has this in JSON-definition for defineProperty
    And it takes its way to reference you sent, see note at the end
    Note: configurable, enumerable, writable, get, and set are not implemented and will be ignored.


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